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Scorpio Barbie Zodiac Art Print

Scorpio Barbie Zodiac Art Print

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Come on Barbie let's go party!

"Scorpio Barbie you are passionate, mysterious and cheeky. As a water sign you have a magnetic charm and strong intuition. One of your admirable strengths is your strong will, once you decide upon a path you are determined to follow it. You are ruled by two planets, pluto and mars. These planets complement each other like fire and ice and this explains why you darling scorpio have a mysterious aura about you."

Each print explains your personality, character, quirks and traits through the eyes of our stars. You will be surprised how accurate these are!
Each zodiac sign comes with a different t-shirt and sunglasses colour all in representation of that zodiac sign.
All wording is protected by copyright and the intellectual property of Arty Bub.
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