We Design Art Prints For Children's Spaces.

Arty Bub has been heralded as one of Australia’s most revered children’s home décor brands, featured in publishings such as VOGUE, The Block Shop, Home Beautiful Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, WHO Magazine, New Idea, Total Girl, Australian Country and many more.

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Gift Ideas for Kids

Best Sellers

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Australian Animal Art Prints

Shop our best selling collection of Australian animal art prints here at Arty Bub.

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Hot Air Balloon Art Prints.

Educational Art Prints

Alphabetical Art Prints

Make learning fun with our Alphabetic Animal framed prints. Each letter is perfectly paired with an animal starting with that letter, this way they are learning the alphabet and animals at once!.

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zodiac child

Zodiac Art Prints

Learn About The Cosmos

See their eyes up light up with curiosity whilst learning the magical world of zodiac and the influence our stars have on our personality.

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The Power Of Scents

Our Scented Candles

We go to great lengths to scent our candles with fragrances that spark joy, nostalgic memories and harmony. You don’t have to light our candles to enjoy their fragrance, simply place them in your room and let their scent do it’s magic.

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Zodiac Dinosaur Prints

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Zodiac Mermaid Art Prints

Choose your mermaids hair colour to match yours!

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