Arty Bub – the leader of Zodiac Prints for children, children's decor and unique decor for the home.
Arty Bub has been heralded as one of Australia’s most revered baby and children’s brands, featured in some top line publishings such as VOGUE, The Block Shop, Home Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, New Idea, WHO Magazine, Total Girl, The Interiors Addict, Australian Country Magazine, Minty Magazine and 100's of local publishings Australia wide.
Arty Bub celebrates a curation of adorable baby animals, leading zodiac prints, personalised prints, and styles for the nursery. Adorably written and illustrated, Arty Bub are helping to create modern and creative spaces where children (and their dreams) can grow.
Founder of Arty Bub, Jenna, is a creative force in the industry who works to create unique ideas and styles that evoke emotion. Having a penchant for zodiac signs, this young entrepreneur started to design personality descriptions for children in 2017 and has since turned them into frameable prints. Each of the horoscopes are perfectly paired with Zodiac Child 1.0 for the ultimate in-depth explanation of your little one’s personality through the eyes of the stars!
The collection also features nursery prints which have a playful spirit and perfect for the nursery, either as a single framed print or up to a trio of framed prints.
Simplicity and lightness are at the forefront of design in 2022, with sorbet pinks whitewash tones taking the lead. Each of the designs are timeless and use soft neutral, classic tones that are simple, understated, and stylish with touches of pastels and splashes of shade.

What’s more, each of the frames use shatterproof Perspex and a polystyrene plastic to avoid the glass cracking or shattering, and are safer to hang!
Fill your home with Arty Bub’s hand-crafted soy candles for kids- a candle collection designed for the modern nursery and children’s spaces. Select from Daisy Flower Candle, Rainbow Candle, Small Shell Candle, Seashell and more.
What’s more, the Soy candles feature a beautiful natural Ivory colour in unique silhouettes including, Kim Candle, Curvy Girl Candle, Pregnant Muma Candle, designed to suit any space.
Arty Bub is a company that stretches style parameters for parents who want something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar for themselves and their children’s bedrooms and nurseries. ‘We have perfectly combined chic children’s style with a twist of fun,’ says Jenna.